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Does the Paranormal Exist?

For some, it is a resounding yes! For others, it is a laughing, NO! Some are skeptics, some are true believers. This show does not rely on the supernatural, it is for entertainment purposes only. My lawyer told me to say that.

In it, people will experience what is believed to be the paranormal. People will be touched with no one around. Things will move with no source of locomotion. Secrets will be revealed and it will all be explained with easy-to-understand mathematics and physics – along with experiments that defy imagination.

It all started in Upstate New York in the 1940s with the sisters Maggie and Kate Fox. They were able to communicate with what they called spirits by asking questions and being answered by knocking sounds. Spiritualism exploded from there.

Join Kerry and his Spirit Guide Sam in an astonishing array of experiments in the paranormal in a light-hearted, but serious way. See things you did not think possible. Prepare to have your beliefs challenged. You will find this fascinating regardless of your beliefs, and wildly entertaining.